One Panel, One Roof

    Making Every Home Affordable

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3D views of PV components



Expandable Plug & Play Solar PV System

(1) 255 watt Solar Panel

(1) DC to AC Microinverter

(1) Rooftop Racking System

(1) Complete installation and                                         interconnection to Electric Company

FREE New Smart Bidirectional meter.

Get PAID by Electric Company every month for        the power you generate !

Only                $699                                                  

*plus one time local permit fee

*Travel fee outside of Central Florida                


 Businesses Stand to Win ‚Äč It is a little known secret that adding PV panels to a business will help reduce overhead in the long term by eliminating energy costs. Imagine the amount of money that can be saved every month or every year, by harvesting the free energy from the sun. How long does the return on the investment in solar typically take? The answer lies in the amount of tax liability a company has in a given year and the system size required to offset their energy consumption. On average, the figure is between 3 - 6 years while the system will last over 30 years.